On their bedroom-produced, self-recorded first two albums, Future Carnivores created an eclectic mix of post rock, space-pop and electro-synth introspection. Now having banged it out as a rock trio, the band’s collective influences have been distilled to their 90s alt-rock/Brit Pop essence. The new album, (their third), Melt the Sky, displays a new rock swagger, hearkening back to the days when glam-influenced Anglo bands like Pulp and Seude battled it out for the hearts and minds of indie rock kids with the Sebadohs and Dinosaur Jr.’s of the world…

There’s still plenty of the moody introspection (the title track) and kraut-rock repetition (“Silent Assassins”) that defined early Future Carnivores. Still present are the occasional New Wave-era synth sounds (“Cinnamon Afternoon”) and ethereal quasi-instrumentals (“This is No Time for That.”) What is new here, on record anyway, are unapologetic guitar heroics (“Melt the Sky”,) clear pop hooks (“Science Fiction, Baby,” “Soft Amber Glows”) and a reverence for The Almighty Riff (“Sensible Milestones.”)

Future Carnivores is:
Bo Barringer (The Wrong Shapes, ex-MEandJOANCOLLINS) – Guitar and Vocals
Pepe Anzalone (Guillermo Sexo, ex-Cult 45, ex-Leagues) – Drums
Steve “Swader” Wade – Bass