Future Carnivores don’t let adulting cloud the their space-aged Britpop ambition

October 22, 2016

When life gives you lemons, do as the Stone Roses do: Make a cheeky logo out of it and rock the eff out.

That’s the plan of Cambridge’s Future Carnivores, who have certainly gulped their share of lemonade over the years, only to return this month with a new record called Melt the Sky, a sliced cantaloupe for a logo (a nice alternative to the played-out lemons), and a rollicking space-aged single that recalls the best of Britpop’s long-gone era of golden guitars and glam-infused swagger. The single is titled “Cinnamon Afternoon”, and it’s available to stream below via the trio’s Bandcamp in advance of their October 15 release party at the Lilypad in Inman Square. Read more…

Future Carnivores – Come Inside

October 2, 2013

The swoony, mind-manifesting tracks like “Could Be the Start,” and “She Goes Out Dancing With the Girls,” set a standard of sorts—willfully strange, like the most radical synth-driven rock of the early ’80s (e.g., OMD) yet also decidedly (pre)modern. “The Drugs…” continues in the same swoony vein with more of an early Pink Floyd ambiance but is otherwise incomparable. “Twice” is more conventional–less unmoored; more melodramatic, depending for its effects on a more conventional structure yoked to a recurrent oddball (yet strangely affable) riff. Album standout “The State of Things” is more in a Magnetic Fields vein, but is nonetheless full of drone and ambient noise which also brings Eno to mind. Heaven-rock, some might call it; ecstatic, repetitive, and effects-driven, yet undeniably appealing; this one is best of show. Read more…

Future Carnivores @ T.T. The Bear’s Place

June 6, 2013

Future Carnivores released their new album at TT’s last week with a set of seductively intelligent indie pop tunes. “Future Carnivores are curious and intoxicating. Their music dances in your head when you dream.” Read more…

Today’s Hotness: Future Carnivores, Manors, Scud Mountain Boys

June 25, 2013
Clicky Clicky Music

A number of things conspired against us providing timely coverage of Future Carnivores’ recently issued sophomore set, but none are as remotely interesting as the record itself. Titled Come Inside, the set features 10 generous cuts of the Cambridge, Mass.-based collective’s singular tribal space-pop. Read more…

Future Carnivores “Twice” + Q&A with Bo Barringer // record release

June 5, 2013

FUTURE CARNIVORES are on a tear. Just more than a year ago the seductive rock collective released their debut album, a self-titled affair lifted by tales of love and destruction and an eclectic sound that was impossible to characterize. It seemed like a one-off project, almost more an idea than a band, the latest from vocalist Bo Barringer who had previously crooned for MEandJOANCOLLINS and the Collisions.Read more…

Getting inside Future Carnivores’ world

June 4, 2013

“Come Inside,” the second album from Future Carnivores, is full of deception. Those breezy, easy melodies make the music at first feel gauzy and light. But the songs ultimately throb with dark undertones. “The Drugs She Fed You Last Night,” for instance, blurs the normal and the debauched. Likewise, the title track is at once inviting and then bitten by angst. Read more…

Footage: Future Carnivores’ “What’s Unbelievable”

December 10, 2012

We keep watching this video: it’s got drama, it’s got understated humor, and it’s for a great song we listened to a lot this year. And this is a pretty “old dude” thing to say, but most of all, it makes us miss the golden age of MTV, when there were videos like this, and this, and this. Stuff that was fun, quirky, and incorporated the band, hopefully performing, maybe not. Read more…

8 new records that will give Boston rock a charge

March 7, 2012

FUTURE CARNIVORES | Cambridge Elks Hall | March 31 | One could fill a large bathhouse with all the bands affiliated with Future Carnivores, but the dual-drumming orchestral indie-rock sextet is now more than a fanciful side-project for those in Guillermo Sexo, the Wrong Shapes, etc. Their homonymous debut record, to be released at the Tiger Mountain dance party, sparkles when it wants to and seduces when it needs to. Read more…